Chronology of all the rulers of the Chalukya dynasty in table form

Aug 21, 2023

Jayasimha543-572 CEFounded the dynasty
Pulakesin I572-566 CEDefeated the Pallavas
Kirtivarman I566-597 CEContinued the expansion of the empire
Mangalesha597-609 CEFought against the Pallavas and the Kadambas
Pulakesin II609-642 CEThe greatest ruler of the dynasty
Vikramaditya I655-680 CEExpanded the empire to its greatest extent
Vinayaditya680-696 CEContinued the expansion of the empire
Vijayaditya696-733 CEFought against the Rashtrakutas
Vikramaditya II733-746 CEDefeated the Rashtrakutas
Kirtivarman II746-753 CELast ruler of the Western Chalukya dynasty
Tailapa II973-997 CEFounded the Eastern Chalukya dynasty
Satyashraya997-1008 CEDefeated the Cholas
Vikramaditya VI1008-1076 CEThe greatest ruler of the Eastern Chalukya dynasty
Someshvara I1076-1077 CELast ruler of the Eastern Chalukya dynasty

The Chalukya dynasty was a powerful empire that ruled over much of southern and western India for over 600 years. They were known for their military prowess, their patronage of the arts and architecture, and their contributions to Hinduism. The Chalukyas were eventually overthrown by the Rashtrakutas in the 8th century, but they continued to rule over a smaller territory in the east until the 12th century.

The Chalukyas left behind a rich legacy of art and architecture, including the famous temples at Aihole, Pattadakal, and Halebidu. They also made significant contributions to Hinduism, sponsoring the construction of temples and the development of new religious texts. The Chalukyas were a major force in Indian history, and their legacy continues to be felt today.

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