Chronology of Mourya rulers: must for CBSE, ICSE, Stateboard students and UPSC, PSC and Government service exam aspirants and parents

Here’s a table depicting the chronology of the Maurya rulers:

RulerReignNotable Achievements
Chandragupta322 BCE – 298 BCEFounded the Mauryan dynasty; conquered much of North India; established the Mauryan Empire.
Bindusara298 BCE – 273 BCEExpanded the empire’s boundaries; emphasized effective governance and cultural exchange.
Ashoka273 BCE – 232 BCEKnown for embracing Buddhism; promoted peace, non-violence, and welfare through his edicts.
Dasaratha232 BCE – 224 BCEExtended the empire’s borders; continued Ashoka’s policies; little recorded information.
Samprati224 BCE – 215 BCEFocused on strengthening Jainism; patronized the religion; initiated public works projects.
Shalishuka215 BCE – 202 BCEHis reign marked by internal conflicts and power struggles; diminished the empire’s strength.
Devavarman202 BCE – 195 BCELimited information available; reigned in a time of uncertainty and instability.
Shatadhanvan195 BCE – 187 BCEShort reign with limited historical records; faced challenges in maintaining the empire.
Brihadratha187 BCE – 185 BCELast ruler of the Mauryan dynasty; assassinated by Pushyamitra Shunga, ending the dynasty.
Chronology of Mourya rulers

Please note that historical records for some of the later Maurya rulers are scarce, which can lead to gaps in knowledge about their reigns and accomplishments.

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(Must for CBSE, ICSE, State board students and UPSC, PSC and Government service exam
aspirants and parents)

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