List of some great Contributors of Physics and their discovery

List of some great Contributors of Physics and their discovery

Discovery/ContributionContributor NameCountry
ArchimedesPrinciple of buoyancy,
Principle of the lever
Galileo GalileiLaw of inertiaItaly
Christiaan HuygensWave theory of lightHolland
Isaac NewtonUniversal law of gravitation,
Laws of motion,
Reflecting telescope
Michael FaradayLaws of electromagnetic inductionU.K.
James Clerk MaxwellElectromagnetic theory,
Light- an electromagnetic wave
Heinrich Rudolf HertzGeneration of electromagnetic waveGermany
J. C BoseUltra short radio wavesIndia
W. K. RoentgenX- raysGermany
J. J. ThomsonElectronU.K.
Marie Sklodowska CurieDiscovery of Radium and Polonium,
Studies on natural radioactivity
Albert EinsteinExplanation of photoelectric effect,
Theory of relativity
Victor Francis HessCosmic radiationAustria
R. A. MillikanMeasurement of electronic chargeU. S. A
Ernest RutherfordNuclear model of atomNew Zealand
Neils BohrQuantum model of Hydrogen atomDenmark
C.V. RamanInelastic scattering of light by moleculesIndia
Louis Victor de BorglieWave nature of matterFrance
Meghnad SahaThermal ionizationIndia
Satyendra Nath BoseQuantum statisticsIndia
Wolfgang PauliExclusion principleAustria
Enrico FermiControlled nuclear fissionItaly
Werner HeisenbergQuantum mechanics,
Uncertainty principle
Paul DiracRelativistic theory of electron, Quantum statisticsU. K.
Edwin HubbleExpanding universeU. S. A
Ernest Orlando LawrenceCyclotronU. S. A
James ChadwickNeutronU. K.
Hideki YukawaTheory of nuclear forcesJapan
Homi Jehangir BhabaCascade process of cosmic radiationIndia
Lev Davidovich LandauTheory of condensed matter,
Liquid Helium
S. ChandrasekharChandrasekhar limit,
Structure and evolution of stars
John BardeenTransistors,
Theory of super conductivity
U. S. A
C. H. TownesMaser (Microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation),
U. S. A
Abdus SalamUnification of weak and electromagnetic interactionsPakistan
List of some great Contributors of Physics and their discovery
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