Rulers of the Gupta Empire in chronological order

Sri Gupta320–335 CEFounder of the Gupta Empire
Ghatotkachagupta335–350 CESon of Sri Gupta
Chandragupta I350–375 CEExtended the Gupta Empire to the south and west
Samudragupta375–395 CEThe greatest of the Gupta rulers, he conquered much of northern India
Chandragupta II395–415 CEKnown as Vikramaditya, he was a patron of the arts and sciences
Kumaragupta I415–455 CEThe Gupta Empire reached its peak during his reign
Skandagupta455–467 CELast major Gupta ruler, he fought off a Hun invasion
Budhagupta467–477 CESon of Skandagupta, he was a weak ruler and the Gupta Empire began to decline
Narasimhagupta Baladitya477–495 CESon of Budhagupta, he tried to revive the Gupta Empire but was unsuccessful
Vishnugupta495–500 CELast known Gupta ruler

The Gupta Empire was a golden age of Indian history. It was a time of peace and prosperity, and the arts and sciences flourished. The Guptas were great patrons of learning, and their court was a center of intellectual activity. The Gupta Empire also made significant contributions to mathematics, astronomy, and engineering.

The Gupta Empire declined in the 6th century CE due to a combination of factors, including invasions from the Huns and internal political instability. However, its legacy continues to inspire and influence people around the world.

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