Viceroys of India

Sep 5, 2023

The Viceroy of India was the highest-ranking British official in India from 1858 to 1947. The position was created after the Indian Rebellion of 1857, when the British East India Company was dissolved and direct rule of India was assumed by the British Crown.

The Viceroy was responsible for all aspects of the government of India, including the military, the civil service, and the finances. He was also the representative of the British monarch in India.

The Viceroys were appointed by the British government and served for a period of five years. They were usually drawn from the ranks of the British aristocracy or the military.

Here is a list of all the Viceroy of India from 1858 to 1947, with their tenure and notable work in chronological order:

ViceroyTenureNotable Work
Lord Canning1858-1862First Viceroy of India, Indian Rebellion of 1857
Lord Elgin I1862-1863
Lord Lawrence1864-1869Mutiny Commission, Land Revenue Settlement of Punjab
Lord Mayo1869-1872
Lord Northbrook1872-1876Civil Marriage and Arya Samaj marriage introduced, Universal Marriage Act introduced, Intercaste Marriage allowed, Kuka Movement in Punjab
Lord Lytton1876-1880Vernacular Press Act, Arms Act, Proclamation of Queen Victoria as Empress of India
Lord Ripon1880-1884Repealed the controversial Arms and Vernacular press act, Set up Local self-governments – Panchayats and Municipal Boards, 2 new universities opened – Punjab University 1884, Allahabad University 1887, Illbert Bill
Lord Dufferin1884-1888III Anglo-Burmese war (1885-1886), Indian National Congress was founded in 1885
Lord Lansdowne1888-1894Indian Councils Act, 1892 (Indirect election was introduced for the time), Factory Act, 1891
Lord Elgin II1894-1899First British Officer called Rands was killed. He was killed by Chapekar (Ramkrishna & Damodar) Brothers. This was the first political murder
Lord Curzon1899-1905Partition of Bengal
Lord Minto II1905-1910Morley-Minto reforms
Lord Hardinge1910-1916
Lord Chelmsford1916-1921Montagu-Chelmsford reforms
Lord Reading1921-1926
Lord Irwin1926-1931Round Table Conference
Lord Willingdon1931-1936Communal Award
Lord Linlithgow1936-1943
Sir Archibald Wavell1943-1947
Lord Mountbatten1947Last Viceroy of India, Partition of India

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