What is Oxidation? What is Reduction?

In the vast realm of chemistry, there’s a captivating duet performed by two key players: oxidation and reduction. These chemical processes are like a tango of electrons, influencing how substances transform and interact.

Oxidation: Imagine a substance giving away its electrons, like losing a partner in the dance. This loss leads to a rise in the substance’s positive charge. It’s akin to handing over a precious gem. Just as an apple turns brown when exposed to air, substances can oxidize, altering their properties.

Reduction: On the flip side, reduction occurs when a substance gains electrons, a bit like finding a dance partner. This gain reduces the substance’s positive charge and often results in a transformation. Think of rusted iron being cleaned to its original shine – that’s reduction at work.

Together, oxidation and reduction dance hand in hand, guiding the transformations of matter in the intricate world of chemistry. Whether it’s a metal rusting or a battery powering up, this duo’s chemistry choreography shapes the world around us.

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