Who was the first woman doctor of India? Unfortunately died at the age of 22 only.

In the rich tapestry of Indian history, there is a shining star whose brilliance broke through the darkness of tradition and prejudice. Meet Dr. Anandi Gopal Joshi, the trailblazing woman who became India’s first female doctor. Her story is one of determination, courage, and a passion for healing that defied all odds. Let’s take a journey through her life and learn about the remarkable achievements that opened doors for countless women in medicine.

Early Life and Dreams

Dr. Anandi Gopal Joshi was born on March 31, 1865, in Pune, a city in India. Back then, girls were rarely allowed to go to school, but Anandi’s father believed in education for all, including his daughter. He supported her curiosity and thirst for knowledge, giving her the chance to learn at home.

When Anandi was just nine years old, she got married to a man named Gopalrao Joshi. It was common for girls to marry at a young age during those times. But Gopalrao was different; he wanted Anandi to have an education and not just be limited to household chores. He encouraged her dreams and became her mentor.

Journey to Becoming a Doctor

Anandi’s dreams were big, and she wanted to become a doctor, but there was a big problem. There were no medical schools in India that allowed girls to study medicine. However, Gopalrao was determined to make her dreams come true. In 1880, he made a groundbreaking decision and sent her to study in the United States.

Leaving her homeland and family behind, Anandi traveled to America to pursue her dream. It was not an easy journey. She faced challenges like learning a new language and being far away from home. But Anandi’s passion for medicine and her strong will to succeed kept her going.

Becoming India’s First Woman Doctor

Anandi’s dedication to her studies was extraordinary. Despite the difficulties, she excelled at the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania. In 1886, at just 21 years old, she made history by becoming the first Indian woman to earn a medical degree.

Her achievement was celebrated worldwide, and she received praise from her teachers and fellow students. Dr. Anandi Gopal Joshi’s journey from a small town in India to becoming a qualified doctor in America was an inspiration for all.

Return to India and Challenges

After completing her studies, Anandi could have stayed in the United States, where she had many opportunities. However, her heart was in India. She wanted to return and serve her people, especially women and children who lacked access to medical care.

Anandi faced many challenges when she returned to India. Society did not believe that a woman could be a doctor. People doubted her abilities and questioned her decision to pursue a career in medicine. Nevertheless, she opened a small clinic in Mumbai and started treating patients, showing everyone that she was capable and dedicated.

Legacy and Impact

Dr. Anandi Gopal Joshi’s achievements left a lasting impact on India’s history. Her success opened doors for countless other women who aspired to become doctors. She became a symbol of courage and determination, proving that women can excel in any field if given the opportunity.

Sadly, Anandi’s life was cut short by tuberculosis in 1887 when she was just 21 years old. Though her time on earth was short, her legacy lives on. The Anandibai Joshi Charitable Hospital in Pune stands as a testament to her dedication to healthcare and women’s rights.


Dr. Anandi Gopal Joshi’s story is one of overcoming obstacles and breaking barriers. She proved that with determination and support, dreams can come true, even in the face of societal norms. Anandi’s journey from India to America and back, becoming the first woman doctor in India, continues to inspire generations of women to chase their dreams fearlessly. Her legacy shines brightly as a guiding light for aspiring female doctors and a reminder of the limitless potential within each one of us.

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